Sustainable Consultants

We believe that all good design comes from an integrated approach starting at the inception of design. As sustainable consultants the Engineering 350 team inserts itself as an integral member of the design team. We will organize and lead sustainable work sessions involving all stakeholders to develop and prioritize the project’s sustainability goals and strategies.

Engineering 350 can also facilitate LEED® documentation. We will guide the design team through each of the LEED® credits and target those that are appropriate for the project as well as recommend innovation credits that the project could achieve. As the design progresses we will ensure that the correct consultants stay on track to achieve the targeted credits.

We can also use LEED® and other sustainable building rating systems as guide frameworks in a project assessment where certification is not desired.

We assist building owners and property managers with implementation of the LEED® for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance rating system and generate practical, cost-effective programs for sustainable operations that enhance property value and reduce operating costs.